Boars, Gore, and Swords

It's the season 6 finale, "The Winds of Winter", and Ivan and Red are joined by Kelly Anneken to discuss Cersei's continuing stylistic reinventions, possible GIF-based meme density, Arya pulling a Cartman, ginger pride, and the greatest ongoing debate within male culture: how many kids you could fight at once.


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For "Battle of the Bastards", Ivan and Red are joined by writer Maggie Tokuda-Hall to discuss what make-up you bring to the negotiating table, the gender dynamics of war councils, how Daenerys/Yara is the new greatest ship, and Ramsay's fate still being better than he deserves.

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For this week's "No One," Ivan and Red discuss Terminator chases, Sandor Clegane's murder negotiations, and the most offscreen of any offscreen death in television history.

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It's reunion week for "The Broken Man," Ivan and Red discuss skateboarding preachers, Margaery's manipulations, Yara's immersion therapy, and how Lady Mormont is the greatest character on the show even if she's only ten.

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