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Handmaid’s Tale: Mindhunter, AKA Netflix’s Alias Grace. The Netflix mini-series based off the Margaret Atwood novel of the same name is a really compelling piece of historical fiction, and Red & Ivan are all over it.

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We discuss author Ann Leckie for the first time ever on our podcast. This time it’s her new book, Provenance.

Also, check out Red on Maggie Tokuda-Hall’s new podcast, Drunk Safari!!! Ivan’s episode is up too and he game theories the shit out of squids.

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We’re delaying Provenance one week so that Red & Ivan can talk about the newest installment in the grand-daddy of modern televised Science Fiction, Star Trek Discovery.

Also, check out Red on Maggie Tokuda-Hall’s new podcast, Drunk Safari!!! Red talks Ostriches, and it’s a real good time.

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We return to our WYSBW Roots with a show that you absolutely should watch that nobody is watching. You can hear Red’s FIRST hesitant review of this show on Pilot Fight with KayDee Kersten and then listen to this gushing review of what is a great, perfect, tv show. 

Also, check out Red on Maggie Tokuda-Hall’s new podcast, Drunk Safari!!! Red talks Ostriches, and it’s a real good time.

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Ivan and Red are here for “Queen’s Justice”, Season 7, episode 3 of HBO’s Game of Thrones. They discuss Cersei's worsening mental state, a surprisingly subtle torture, some dragons, and Tyrion's massive strategic self-own.

Come see Red August 3-6 in Sunnyvale, featuring for Michelle Wolf at Rooster T. Feathers!!!

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It’s HBO’s Season 7 Game of Thrones premiere, “Dragonstone”, and Ivan and Red are back and eager to revisit the Winterfell Crew, the Narrow Sea Crew, The Wall, King’s Landing, and even a few stragglers.

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Ivan and Red return to HBO’s Game of Thrones 6 days before the show’s extended hiatus finally comes to an end. We’ll get you up to speed with who’s in Winterfell, who’s at King’s Landing, who’s in The Narrow Sea, and who’s been buried in the Great Sept of Baelor’s Wildfire incident. By the end of this episode you’ll be caught up with everyone from Cersei to Sam (As in Gilly’s baby).

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Asha and Brienne are the absolute best and these chapters are the worst as Ivan and Red continue their book club reading of the Boiled Leather chapter order combining George R.R. Martin’s A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons. This week it’s The Wayward Bride (Asha II) from A Dance with Dragons and Brienne V from A Feast for Crows. Specific page numbers in various editions can be found here and here.

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As voted by our patrons, we cover the second episode of American Gods and oh boy do they make some choices. Ivan and Red truly did not know what they were getting into.

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The biggest STARZ in America: The Gods. Ivan and Red head to the Alligator bar to kick it with Shadow and Wednesday.

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