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As voted by our patrons, we cover the second episode of American Gods and oh boy do they make some choices. Ivan and Red truly did not know what they were getting into.

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The biggest STARZ in America: The Gods. Ivan and Red head to the Alligator bar to kick it with Shadow and Wednesday.

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Just two Starks under assumed identities this week as Ivan and Red continue their book club reading of the Boiled Leather chapter order combining George R.R. Martin’s A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons. This week it’s Arya II and Alayne I (AKA Sansa II) from A Feast for Crows. Specific page numbers in various editions can be found here.

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Never have Ivan and Red been more informed on a topic than rich white women in Monterey. It’s time to talk murder, mothering, and merlot with HBO’s Big Little Lies.

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A period piece about Russian intelligence?! How 1980s and not related to the present at all! Ivan and Red are just The Americans to let you know about FX’s The Americans.

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Three weeks, three book club episodes. This week Ivan and Red cover Cersei IV (AFfC 18) and Davos III (ADwD 20). Specific page numbers in various editions can be found here  and here. We have some real questions about some of these Red Wedding conspiracy theories.

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After last week's viewing of the oft recommended Vikings went well, Ivan & Red check out the second longest requested show, Black Sails.

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The Bannermen have been recommending the History Channel's Vikings since what feels like the 8th century, and Ivan & Red finally get on board and discover that it's the purest Methodone for Game of Thrones on the market.

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Ivan clearly has something on Red as they cover a comic adaptation for the second time in a row, this time it's the Archie Comics slash Twin Peaks homage, Riverdale.

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After Ivan's terrible Super Bowl pics leave Red deeply in debt, he was too weak to prevent Ivan from picking FX's Legion for this week's BGaS. If that's not enough comic book talk, check out the Patreon only episode covering Suicide Squad.

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