Boars, Gore, and Swords

The long promised competent pilot edition! It's a strange alternate universe where Ivan & Red are familiar with the show being discussed! They can name Maesters! They can name Theons! They can name all 5.5 Stark children! It truly is a brave new world. Also discussed are Django Unchained (no spoilers), Wool by Hugh Howey, and so much more!

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Ivan and Red join together for this cozy Christmas special, the truly excellent 2010 Matt Smith Doctor Who episode "A Christmas Carol". With no guests to impede their internal madness, they cover a real treasure of a Christmas episode.

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This episode it's Please, Please, Don't Kill Me, the Game of Thrones game show featuring favorite Caitlin Gill, Kelly Anneken, and of course Ivan and Red. Adam McLaughlin joins us for the Fake the Listner Challenge, The Sayer of Surveys will make you wonder what the Bannermen were thinking, Pass Phrase will have you snorting whenever "Double Dragon" is mentioned, and thanks to Lightning Round you will never forget Joffrey's last name.

Direct download: 2012-12-10_BGaS_Episode_74_s2_gameshow.mp3
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Which reigns supreme: Railroad's original text or Weiss and Benioff's visually stunning adaptation? Third chair Kelly Anneken joins Ivan and Red as they end any possible debate with their exhaustive comparison! Also hear the newest entry in the Dan Preston Memorial Song Competition (Put 'Em on the Glass), discussion about the Boars, Gore, and Swords wiki, and so much more.

Direct download: 2012-12-02_BGaS_Episode_73_Clash25.mp3
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The last 3 chapters y'all! Ivan and Red take it to the back cover talking about Elmar and his princess, Tyrion gets Matrixed, Tysha makes a comeback, fire fights back, Alvie Singer, Railroad hates the Eagle(s), third eye twenty twenty, Rickon being cast aside, and more. A great end to a long book.

I&R are taking a week off for the Thanksgiving, but let them know what you want to hear from them when they come back! WYSBW? ASOIAF short stories? Miriam-Webster fan faction? Let us know at!

Direct download: 2012-11-19_BGaS_Episode_72_Clash24.mp3
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Arya X, Sansa VIII, and Theon VI. The Third Chair herself returns! Miss Kelly Anneken is back along with Red and Ivan to discuss Javier Bardem, The Bloody Companions, scar belly, Old Nan, Young Nan, time travel, crime & punishment, treason squared, Crystal Pepsi, Art Deco the Movie, fan fiction of fan fiction, Ivan's neighbors having sex while recording, Nan branded a traitor to the north, and more! Next week: stop reading when you hit maps or genealogy.

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Tyrion XIV, Sansa VII, and Daenerys V. Red and Ivan are joined by the great Kevin O'Shea to discuss Archers, Sterling Archer, arrow shafts, the movie Shaft, how more Banners should be weapons, the DOABA (Defense Of Armed Banditry Act), the feasibility of river chains, Danzig/Railroad crossover, Ser Mandy Moore, Lancel's wimpyness, Ser Dontos the Unreliable Narrator, and Passive Aggressive Assassins. Next week Arya X, Sansa VIII, and Theon VI.

Direct download: 2012-11-05_BGaS_Episode_70_Clash22.mp3
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Davos III, Tyrion XIII, and Sansa VI. Red and Ivan are joined by the HYSTERICAL Sean Keane to discuss The Sacking Song, The Hobbit movie, Microsoft's Zune, Spy Horse, apologies to Mark Hamill, The Onion Knight's REAL backstory, Scorpions the weapon along with Scorpions the scorpions, Wooden Wings Wooden Words, and so much more. This is a great one, get ready to re-listen. Next week Tyrion XIV, Sansa VII, and Daenerys V.

Direct download: 2012-10-29_BGaS_Episode_69_Clash21.mp3
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Catelyn VII, Theon V, and Sansa V. Red and Ivan discuss talking cattle, Iain M. Banks' Culture series, just asking for money from rich people, Mark Hamill's Joker, "no sons but Robb", Theon trickery, some arrogently incerted politics, Karstark madness, Caitlin's shit-kicking, Craig Kilborn as Jaime Lannister, Jaime's fidelity, Theon's bad job at empathy, Zombie dinner, buffets, and so much more. It's a good one! Next week: Davos III, Tyrion XIII, Sansa VI.

Direct download: 2012-10-22_BGaS_Episode_68_Clash20.mp3
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Sansa IV, Jon VII, and Tyrion XII. Red and Ivan discuss another GREAT Dan Preston song (It's a Shame), Sci-Fi/Fantasy rift, get a false start on the battle of Blackwater Bay, pour-over coffee from SF to London, The Hound's literal butchery, Doug Stanhope, Health Care, Sansa wedding and bedding, Jon Arbuckle and his Direwolf Ghost, Super Smash Bros at the Wall, Death of a Squire, and flesh-stabbing. Next week: Catelyn VII, Theon V, and Sansa V.

Direct download: 2012-10-15_BGaS_Episode_67_Clash19.mp3
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Tyrion XI, Theon IV, and Jon VI. Ivan and Red cover an awesome knit cap sent to us by Kimberly Brown, Shagga tousling Tyrion's hair, too many Aegons, Cersei's poor staffing ability, the Greyjoy's acting like 8-year olds playing soccer, 3-eyed babies, Lamborghinis and Hyundai Accents, Theon's memory relating to which wife he banged, more climbing, a Game of Thrones MMO, and Bael the Bard! Next Week: Sansa IV, Jon VII, Tyrion XII.

Direct download: 2012-10-08_BGaS_Episode_66_Clash18.mp3
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NOTE: The movie "Looper" is discussed in the beginning, if you don't want any spoilers, listen to Dan Preston's amazing song and then skip ahead to 9 minutes, 29 seconds.

Bran VI, Arya IX, and Daenerys IV. Red and Ivan discuss discuss Looper, the fact that Ivan has never seen Shawshank Redemption, Dan Preston's amazing "Wildlings" song, Bran never played Starcraft, Railroad dating fans, riding Zebras, horse-buying coins, mini Timothy Leary and shade of the evening, much foreshadowing in the House of the Undying, a Splendor of Wizards, and more! Bonus: Listen to the end to hear what Red and Ivan are wearing!

Next week Tyrion XI, Theon IV, and Jon VI.

Direct download: 2012-10-01_BGaS_Episode_65_Clash17.mp3
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Jon V, Tyrion X, and Catelyn VI. Ivan and Red cover Viacom's trouble with music licenses, Ivan sings the Star Trek theme with lyrics, Rattleshirt, Night's Watch and the lack of morse code, Sam mentioning Uncle Benjen, Friendship Knives, ChronoShit (no typo), Varys's closet of costumes and fear or magic, Tywin's sexual technique, and more!

Join us next week for Bran VI, Arya IX, and Daenerys IV.

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Daenerys III, Tyrion IX, and Davos II. Ivan and Red are joined by the official 3rd chair Kelly Anneken to discuss Iron Lungs, Lana Wachowski, announcement of our live podcast recording for the premiere of Season 3, hippie grocery stores, homeopathy, failed attempts at pronouncing Quaithe, the Warlock/Roomba connection, Joffrey's preserved genitalia collection, Kelly's support of the Sansa/Hound relationship, Ser Cortnay Penrose on Arsenio Hall, and some unfortunate Pokémon references.

Join us next week for Jon V, Tyrion X, and Catelyn VI.

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Theon III, Arya VIII, and Catelyn V. Ivan and Red cover their poor grammar, an amazing new theme submission from Daniel Preston, a bannerman who actually works for the Railroad, The Raid: Redemption, the whereabouts of Ser Barristan Selmy, and so much more. Next week Daenerys III, Tyrion IX, and Davos II.

Direct download: 2012-09-10_BGaS_Episode_62_Clash14.mp3
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Catelyn IV, Jon IV, Bran V, and Tyrion VIII. Ivan and Red cover the barrage of Tyrion, the importance of candles, excessively specific gods, Jon following Lassie to the well, Jojen's worthlessly ambiguous dreams, and Lannister compliments being the sinister sound of your inevitable doom. Next week it's Theon III, Arya VIII, and Catelyn V.

Direct download: 2012-09-03_BGaS_Episode_61_Clash13.mp3
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Arya VII, Catelyn III, and Sansa III. Ivan and Red cover Toxoplasmosis, the link between cats and prohibition, Pomplamoose's "single ladies" cover, geocities vs angelfire, some very metal tower names, Harrenhal on tv vs book, Sauroman interior designer, and so much more! Next week, we cover four chapters: Catelyn IV, Jon IV, Bran V, and Tyrion VIII.

Direct download: 2012-08-27_BGaS_Episode_60_Clash12.mp3
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Daenerys II, Bran IV, and Tyrion VII are covered this week. Ivan and Red cover Gouda, Cabernet, Daenerys in Qarth, Peyote, marching bands, Guy Branum's laugh, tax evasion, Robert Baratheon's death, and so much more. Matt Murdick of Podcast Winterfell's great remix is played, and we ask again for more theme song submissions to Next week is Arya VII, Catelyn III, and Sansa III.

Direct download: 2012-08-20_BGaS_Episode_59_Clash11.mp3
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Tyrion VI and Arya VI this week as a result of Red writing down the wrong chapters in last weeks show notes. Red and a near-comatose Ivan cover Outside Lands, Total Recall, Shagga's bathing, Cats with two-sided axes, Yo Gabba Gabba themed wedding, Eat No Evil and much more. Next week it's Daenerys II, Bran IV, and Tyrion VII.

Direct download: 2012-08-13_BGaS_Episode_58_Clash10.mp3
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Jon III and Theon II. Ivan and Red cover the Colors RadioLab, The Dark Knight Rises, disemboweling, the grossest dude in the Night's Watch, a fleshy abacus, lactose, Railroad's favorite sexual position, and more! Next week is Tyrion VI and Arya VI.

If you have a BGaS theme to submit, send it to!

Direct download: 2012-08-06_BGaS_Episode_57_Clash9.mp3
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Bran III and Catelyn II. To make two of the most *riveting* POVs more exciting we brought in Kelly Anneken to join Ivan and Red. We cover Ivan's vision board, bangable ladies vs bangable dudes, The Wire, Yara, Ivan's replacement and the real definition of "Ermine Mantile". Next week Jon III and Theon II.

Direct download: 2012-07-30_BGaS_Episode_56_Clash8.mp3
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Sansa II, Arya V, and Tyrion V. Ivan and Red cover Jeyne Poole dying in pre-production, cat-humans and spider-cats, crow food, yielding, patchouli, dumb Gendry, Ernest Hemingway and more!

Direct download: 2012-07-23_BGaS_Episode_55_Clash7.mp3
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Tyrion III, Bran II, and Tyrion IV. Ivan and Red cover Geriatric Naked Ladies, Tyrion's internal brilliance, theater jumping, The Amazing Spider-Man, the wine sink, Shae's task, Ironbelly and more!

Direct download: 2012-07-16_BGaS_Episode_54_Clash6.mp3
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Dany I, Jon II, Arya IV covered. done. Ivan and Red discuss Community/GoT crossovers, the SF Comedy Scene, parties Red didn't go to, bloody chest extremities, sexually inappropriate ages, purple eyes, sheep, tasting corpses, and good raper bad raper. Next week is a Bran sandwich with Tyrion III, Bran II, and Tyrion IV.

Direct download: 2012-07-10_BGaS_Episode_53_Clash5.mp3
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Arya III, Davos I, and Theon I get chatted up by Ivan and Red. They discuss the specifics of "Making Water", stealing food, being too angry to eat, knuckle necklace, Seaworth Siblings, the true meaning of "We Do Not Sow", and Greyjoy entitlement! Next week we cover Daenerys I, Jon II, and Arya IV.

Direct download: 2012-07-02_BGaS_Episode_52_Clash4.mp3
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Jon I, Catelyn I, and Tyrion II are covered. Ivan and Red are the ones doing it. They discuss John Romita Jr., skipping Jon's chapters, the next Craig Kilborn, Redwyn Karscott, Cowboy Bebop, Tarly's excessive cowardice, Doin' Math w/Red Scott, Mormont's Torch, and more. Next week we cover Arya III, Davos I, and Theon I.

Direct download: 2012-06-25_BGaS_Episode_51_Clash3.mp3
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Tyrion I, Bran I, and Arya II are covered in this episode with the 3rd voice of the podcast, Miss Kelly Anneken. We discuss sisterly Lannister greetings, the true meaning of "The Tower of the Hand", smallfolk, Smallville, and small puns. Next week we cover Jon I, Catelyn I, and Tyrion II. For the prequel novellas mentioned in the show, there's "The Hedge Knight" in Legends: Stories By The Masters of Modern Fantasy, "The Sworn Sword" in Legends II: Dragon, Sword, and King, and "The Mystery Knight" in Warriors 1.

Direct download: 2012-06-18_BGaS_Episode_50_Clash2.mp3
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Prologue, Arya I, and Sansa I are covered in our first Clash of Kings book club episode. Even so early in the book, differences in the book and show emerge, as we cover Stannis wife! Stannis' Daughter! Patches, Hot Pie, The Rainbow Guard, Arya throwing down, smart Sansa, a non-douchey Kingsguard, and so much more. Next week we cover Tyrion I, Bran I, and Arya II.

Direct download: 2012-06-11_BGaS_Episode_49_Clash1.mp3
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Sean Keane joins Ivan and Red to cover All Men Must Die, AKA "Valar Morghulis". We talk about Littlefinger the middle ages pick up artist, Varys hiring a nonexistent person, Robb marrying that Chaplin girl, Theon passing Speech 101, FACELESS DUDE, and the pay-per-view battle of Michael Stipe vs Dragons.

Direct download: 2012-06-04_BGaS_Episode_48_2x10.mp3
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The Battle of Blackwater Bay with guest Colleen Watson (@colleen_watson) along with Ivan and Red! They cover the Hound's PTSD, Cersei's drunk acting, Stannis going from Accountant to awesome, Kirk Cameron's optimism, great speeches and more. Follow @mhunger on twitter and review us on iTunes!

Direct download: 2012-05-28_BGaS_Episode_47_2x09.mp3
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Miss Anneken is back! Kelly joins Ivan and Reddit Scott to cover Season 2, Episode 8 of Game of Thrones, "The Prince of Winterfell". The trio discuss Dan harmon, Star Wars drinking games, THE COOLEST CHARACTER EVER, how stupid Qarth is, and so much more.

Direct download: 2012-05-21_BGaS_Episode_45_2x08.mp3
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Katie Compa joins Ivan and Red to cover Season 2, Episode 7 of Game of Thrones, "A Man Without Honor". This ep the show dog makes herself heard the first few minutes, then we discuss Theon getting stood up, Theon's teeth, the crazy King, head chops, blue balls, a plague cart, treating the wounded men well, Jorah's return, Harrenhall's Hanging Cart and much, much more.

Direct download: 2012-05-14_BGaS_Episode_45_2x07.mp3
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Back to basics with Ivan and Red as they cover Season 2, Episode 6 of Game of Thrones, "The Old Gods and The New". Keeping it at a tight 73 minutes, we still manage to fit in Theon and his castle taking, Arya being good at Improv but bad at planning, the maid from Downton Abbey, The Wildlings, The Spice King, Junior Prom North of the Wall, and much more.

Direct download: 2012-05-07_BGaS_Episode_44_2x06.mp3
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Delightful X-Play and Chelsea Handler writer Guy Branum joins Red and Ivan to cover Season 2, Episode 5 of Game of Thrones. At great length we cover R'hllorism, which part of the map Stannis and Melisandre fucked up on, whether Loras was a bottom, sexual identity in fantasy, Pyromancers, a Qarth art opening, Michael Stipe in The Fall, and so much more.

Direct download: 2012-04-30_BGaS_Episode_43_2x05.mp3
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Ivan and Red cover Season 2, Episode 4 of Game of Thrones. We discuss the appearance of our Westerosi selves, the best sound engineer, Joffrey having no idea how to work a crossbow and going full Clockwork Orange, the return of The Mountain, Fat Vizzini, a whole new meaning to firecrotch, and more!

Direct download: 2012-04-22_BGaS_Episode_42_2x04.mp3
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Ivan and Red ride in two days late with twice the episode to cover Season 2, Episode 3 of Game of Thrones. We talk Craster kickin' some Snow around, Luwin being a muggle, how Brianne's more qualified to give it to Marjorie Tyrell than Renly, Sansa's acting skills, the most accommodating wife ever, the drowned god and so very much more. We're late. We're sorry. It will probably happen again.

Direct download: 2012-04-18_BGaS_Episode_41_2x03.mp3
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Caitlin Gill (@caitlinistall) is back with Ivan and Red to cover Season 2, Episode 2 of Game of Thrones! We discuss felling our enemies with Sword Tiaras, Skyrim's influence on Game of Thrones, Arya's Meg Ryan haircut, Gendry's makeover, the testicle CG crew, Varys's lack of mustache, the rule of threes, potatoes, and listen all the way to the end for a brief but special post script.

Direct download: 2012-04-08_BGaS_Episode_40_2x02.mp3
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We're back to our roots, with Ivan and Red covering the season premiere of Game of Thrones. We talk secret previews, Sam Tarley's auditioning skills, STANNIS, Peter Dinklage acting into a mirror, sibling love, Joffrey coming into his own as King, bastard murder montage, CGI budget related to Dire Wolf growth, and so much more.

Direct download: 2012-04-02_BGaS_Episode_39.mp3
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Sean Keane and Caitlin Gill join Ivan and Red for Red Loves Game of Thrones! Sean discusses watching all 9 Oscar movies in a row (with a break to perform at Cobb's), Lex Luthor in a power suit, how Red will never watch Lost, and finishing with a Game of Thrones themed Leonard Maltin Game with excessive talk of rotation. Playing of The Leonard Maltin is courtesy of Doug Benson, who has much more Len Maltin as well as incredible guests on his podcast Doug Loves Movies.

Direct download: 2012-03-26_BGaS_Episode_38.mp3
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What You Should Be Watching - Steven Moffat/Matt Smith Doctor Who edition. Ivan and Red cover The Doctor, Tardises, Daleks, sweaty English heroes, deep-fried pizza, poor stranger danger policy, Douglas Adams, and more!

Direct download: 2012-03-19_BGaS_Episode_37.mp3
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What You Should Be Watching - Downton Abbey edition. Ivan & Red invite Kelly over to discuss the topic of her original podcast Up Yours, Downstairs. In the LONGEST BGaS episode to date, they cover many hats, Maggie Smith, hat related posture, an extended discourse on corsets, and much more.

Direct download: 2012-03-12_BGaS_Episode_36.mp3
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In their second "What You Should Be Watching" episode, Ivan & Red cover BBC's Sherlock, created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, and starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. We talk comparisons to House MD, the third greatest Conan, the disappointing RDJ Sherlock, the movie Hackers, and more!

Direct download: 2012-03-05_BGaS_Episode_35.mp3
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Kelly joins Ivan & Red as they set media against media in an effort to determine the supremacy of either the book or the tv version of Railroad's Game of Thrones. WHO IS BETTER? Book Tyrion vs Show Tyrion, Book Daenerys vs Show Daenerys, book food vs show food and more!

Direct download: 2012-02-27_BGaS_Episode_34.mp3
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SPECIAL ONE-OFF TV CLUB, Misfits edition. Having suffered a last minute cancellation, Ivan & Red introduce E4's Misfits, a show that can be described as the anti-"Heroes". Ivan and Red cover calling "Hero Academy" "Academy of Heroes" (look Red up on redson3), the Origin of Misfits, Redshirt Gary, American usage of Chav, The Jeremy Pyles Show, parkour, terrible BBC special effects, and more.

Direct download: 2012-02-20_BGaS_Episode_33.mp3
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Ivan and Red bring our first book covered to a close, covering pp 772-807 (Jon, Cat, Daenerys). Jon (and Red) get Tarly'd, Jon Snow is slowed down by his brooding, oath-breakin' food, the plural for Pegasus, Robb in the third Person chapters, babies in Plate Mail, Hoster Tully looking like Harrison Ford, Belly Crabs, Kings Clashing, Jorah being honorable for a moment, Mustache rings, aaaaand Dragons.

Direct download: 2012-02-13_BGaS_Episode_32.mp3
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I and R cover pp 741-771 (Sansa, Daenerys, Tyrion). They discuss The Darkness, Red conveys a half remembered NPR story about the missing Apollo 11 tapes, Ser Marc Meryn, Joffrey the pick-up artist, Daenerys the Enthusiastic and Determined, Mirri Maz Duur gets real, the biggest beard since Gandalf, and book Tyrion and TV Tyrion become one. Next week we cover THE REST OF THE BOOK AKA pp 772-807 (Jon, Cat, Daenerys).

Direct download: 2012-02-06_BGaS_Episode_31.mp3
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Ivan and Red cover Daenerys, Arya, and Bran (702-740). They talk about Jorah's poor fashion sense, Arya going Oliver Twist, Bran noting people don't fight very well, Bran suggesting a two man Power Ranger-like assemblage of himself and Hodor, and The Kings of Winter. Next week we cover Sansa, Daenerys, Tyrion (pp 741-771).

Direct download: 2012-01-30_BGaS_Episode_30.mp3
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Sean Keane (@LLCoolS) joins Ivan and Red covering pages 665-701 (Daenerys, Tyrion, Catelyn). We discuss beheadings, the Bechdel test, Mercy Men, Khal Dr(Ogo), Shea, Tyrion Halfman, Robb's chapter, and more. Next week we cover pages 702-740 (Daenerys, Arya, Bran).

Direct download: 2012-01-23_BGaS_Episode_29.mp3
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Ivan & Red march toward Neds end, covering pages 618-664. We discuss the Steve Jobs of Westeros, Horror & Slobber, Thoros of Myr, Carl Vance, mispronouncing "sigil", the Kingsguard becoming ornamental, faces exploding into moths and more. We also mention the Tales of Dunk and Egg. Next week 665-701 (Daenerys, Tyrion, Catelyn).

Direct download: 2012-01-16_BGaS_Episode_28.mp3
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Kelly's back with Ivan and Red to cover 568-617 (Bran, Daenerys, Catelyn, and Tyrion). We cover some Karstarks, wine tasting in Dothrak, russian arms dealer Robb, Bran's bowls turning to water, and Tywin chatting up some hill people. Listen until the end to find out about Kelly's new project. Next week we cover 618-664 (Sansa, Eddard, Catelyn, Jon).

Direct download: 2012-01-09_BGaS_Episode_27.mp3
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This week Ivan & Red are all over 523-567 (Eddard, Arya, Sansa, Jon). They discuss Cantonese vs Mandarin, remembering to follow "the right of the game", Ivan drops a string of impressive sounding bands, Stark learns he lacks the upper hand, Syrio is WAY more badass in text, Sansa sets new records for obliviousness, and Jon… kicks… Thorne… in… the… soup. Next week we cover pp 568-617 (Bran, Daenerys, Catelyn, and Tyrion).

Direct download: 2012-01-02_BGaS_Episode_26.mp3
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