Boars, Gore, and Swords

Catelyn VII & Arya XI of George R.R. Martin’s “A Storm of Swords”. It’s Edmure and Roslin’s wedding day! What could go wrong! Nothing! Ivan and Red discuss Attack The Block, wedding food, stone to lb conversion, the Walder women and body mass index, unspoken threats, spoken threats, and actual murder.

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Catelyn VI & Arya X of George R.R. Martin’s A Storm of Swords. Kelly Anneken joins Ivan and Red as they discuss the Happy Mutants podcast, social media snafus, racist animals, Goorin Brothers hats, Lord Walder Frey as a tiny baby, Jinglebell jingling his bells, and Lord Walder’s Beringer White Zinfandel.

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Arya IX and Jon VI of George R.R. Martin’s A Storm of Swords. Ivan and Red discuss Bannerman Shannon’s NaNoWriMo victory, the double-headed horse, Sandor the Stranger, Telltale Games’ upcoming Game of Thrones game, Wolfman Bran, and new character Noswym McDrownsalot.

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Catelyn V and Samwell III of A Storm of Swords. Ivan and Red discuss Locke and the confusion with Vargo Hoat, a new segment: Ivan Responds to Spam Emails, foreshadowing, the women of House Mormont, a horse riding a horse, the legitimization of children born out of wedlock, DC’s “The Seven”, and an unfortunate amount of ambient gunfire.

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The Arya VIII and Jaime VI chapters of  George R.R. Martin's "A Storm of Swords"  are discussed. Red and Ivan talk Gendry's ignorance, Railroad getting women into bed, the new Boing Boing readers, Aenys Frey, Ivan's review of Square Inc's cafeteria, Lannister ambition, Jaime dream interpretation, Brienne's poor record as a bodyguard, Vargo and the Kingthlayer.

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Jon V and Daenerys IV of A Storm of Swords. BGaS announces it’s joined the Boing Boing podcast network! Red and Ivan discuss stone scrapers, proper arrow removal, fun things to say to a conquering army, blue hair, and NaNoWriMo. Closing song is “Last (Fire) Kiss” by Dan Preston.

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Arya VII and Bran III. It’s Ivan’s Birthday episode! He joins Red to drink a bottle of wine, discuss his Give Me Fiction show, Arya and archery, 200 yard archery shots, The Hound and Canadian Gold, Hodoring, and mind control. We end with discussion of Ender’s Game and the Thor sequel.

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Jaime V and Tyrion V. Red and Ivan discuss stone tubs vs elevated tubs, desultorily, the Wayne Coyne dictionary, Jaime’s curse, NaNoWriMo update, The Red Viper, house wine choices, Walton Steelshanks, Shakespeare, walking and talking.

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Catelyn IV and Davos IV. Red and Ivan discuss identity theft, MC Paul Barman, Walder Rivers, Lysa be cray, Flowers for Algernon, Guilds, Beef & Bacon pie, and Stannis Lessig.

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Samwell II and Arya VI. Red and Ivan discuss their trip to Sacramento, the Night's Watch going full Donner Party, the requirement that you provide a guest in your hall with sausages, missionary work, obsidian, the lord of leeches, and Kill Beric: Volume 2.

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Jaime IV III and Tyrion IV. Ivan and Red discuss "being eaten by a shark" acting, letting your meat rest, Star Wars Despecialized Edition, Jaime singing for The Cure, Shagwell, Jury Duty, Tyrion The Creep, Silver Tongues, and all the questions you had about Valyrian Steel but were afraid to ask.

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Arya V and Jon IV. Ivan and Red discuss Men's Right's activists, Conservapedia, brown genital holes, cages, frilly dresses, The Peach, ICE!, the meaning of Walls, and so much more.

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Daenerys III and Sansa III. Ivan and Red discuss the Unsullied, the brutal beating Daenerys delivers, Whitebeard being put in his place,Danerys gets physical, Sansa's surprise wedding, Tyrion's pathetic husbandry, and an amazing opening song by Bannerman Charlie Cassarino.

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Davos III and Jon III. Ivan and Red discuss football and dragons, Behind The Candelabra, rats eating faces, Stannis/Melisandre predictions up the yin yang, dragon golems, and a boatload of ice and fire.

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Daenerys II and Bran II. 3rd Chair Kelly Anneken joins Ivan and Red as Dany goes slave shopping and Bran gets metaphorical. Incredibly Weezer parody by Ser Daniel Preston.

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Jaime III and Arya IV. Ivan and Red discuss The Newsroom Season 2, Brienne vs. Jaime, Vargo Hoat played by The Impressive Clergyman, our Fantasy Fantasy League, dream interpretations, Monsters and Maidens, and Guy Branum's Roast of the James Franco Roast.

Check out Ivan's storytelling show November 3rd in San Francisco!

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Tyrion III and Catelyn III. Ivan and Red discuss ending lives with a button, text drops, King Balon Greyjoy, The Neck Beard, Guest Right and Trader Joe's Pizzas, and in the end they discuss concerts attended recently.

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Arya III and Samwell I. Ivan and Red discuss being the new kid in school, Ben Affleck as The Bat Man, Tywin POV chapter, Brothers of the Kingswood, Garlic Sausage as weapons, Tall Small Paul, not kicking your friends, and Saints Row IV.

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Jon II and Sansa II. Ivan and Red cover bear giants, Westerosi romantic comedies, Tormund's tall tales, Westerosi birth control, The Last of the Giants, more! Our new icon is by Bannerman Nicole, check out her work at

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Arya II and Catelyn II are all Ivan and Red have time for in this brief, 107 minute episode, in which we also cover the flaming blood brothers, page number talk, Frank's Sex Talk podcast, westerosi immune systems, The Hot Pie & The Bull morning show, Jeyne Westerling, Jerry Lewis's Lady wife, and Edmure's war ability.

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Jaime II and Tyrion II is plenty of meat for Ivan and Red to gnaw on, after hearing Ravens from the Bannermen, Ivan avoids 13 in all areas, there's out of frame horse death, human bones assembled into horse skeletons, Patchface predictions, Marvel vs. Capcom, Archers and Archer, and overly frank sex talk.

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Bran I and Davos II are enough to get Ivan and Red through 80 minutes of A Storm of Swordsish discussion. The gents cover ravens from the Bannermen, including improvements to, wolves on a cliff, Nymeria lives?, the turn of the century, Illyrio's presence or lack thereof, magical gingers, and the deep meaning of Patches' Jingle.

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Jon I & Daenerys I in A Storm of Swords are covered at LENGTH after Ivan and Red reach deep into the boiled leather mail sack to respond to many a raven from the Bannermen. We discuss the Zack Snyder directed Superman/Batman crossover flick, Ghost eating Snow to survive, parallels between Wildlings and United States revolutionaries, Mance Rayder and his travels, pitchforks to Pitchfork, AALOEH, and Richard Lonmouth.

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Davos I and Sansa I are all Ivan and Red could make it through in this action packed episode. Get Ivan as the Bassy sensual e-trade baby #BassyBaby, learn the true meaning of sputum, listen to Ivan and Red give Sansa the benefit of the doubt, Davos inventing Men's Rights Activism, and the most important part of being a Douchebag.

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Catelyn I, Arya I, Tyrion I in Storm of Swords is what Ivan and Red have on offer. Catelyn's death countdown is upon us as we contemplate what kind of sharp item will be used in her demise, Hot Pie works out some bits for the Benny Hill show, and our Tyrion jokes are a bit on the nose.

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FOR OUR 100th EPISODE we begin the Storm of Swords book club and completely forget to mention it's our 100th episode. 3rd chair Kelly Anneken joins Red and Ivan as they ease back into book clubbing, on the way discussing Man of Steel, boils, apocryphal characters, cousins, Joss Whedon, and Gypsy talk.

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Steven Soderbergh's Behind the Candelabra gets a Boars, Gore, and Swordful of Ivan and Red in an episode with a surprising amount of Game of Thrones references! From a powerhouse performance by Rob Lowe, to Liberace STILL BEING CATHOLIC despite all the b sex, it's all in here, the unofficial S3E08.5 of Game of Thrones.

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S3E10 "Mhysa" is covered by Ivan, Red, and guest James Fluty. They discuss Sansa's swords of Damacles, the highborn speaking only in metaphor, origins of Reek, the Westeros version of Kick Ass, Game of Thrones sung in the mid 90s, get it!

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S3E09 "The Rains of Castamere" covered by Ivan & Red with guest, Sean Keane! Also, Ivan & Red will join Kelly Anneken and Natasha Muse for a show Sunday June 9th at 7pm! JOIN US!

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S3E08 "Second Sons" covered by Ivan Hernandez III & Red! They discuss Star Trek, Margaery Tyrell in Elementary, Lambs and Greek Diners, the joys of being a tyrant, James Adomian's Sheriff of Nottingham, sad sad Sansa, "Come Fight Death With Me", friendly words with your Uncle, and Ivan's middle name.

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S3E07 "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" covered by Ivan, Red, and unofficial third chair Kelly Anneken! They discuss gypsters, deserting, Jon Snow's story line turning into The Departed, full circle on Anna Paquin, a lover with a Pet Eagle, Ivan's sex advice, the correlation of dragon to confidence, dumb dumb Gendry, David Sedaris, and semi-colons.

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S3E06 "The Climb" covered by Red and sick Ivan. They discuss diaphragms, our new website, Jojen's epilepsy, the trials of Brothers Without Borders, Chamillionaire, the creepy Freys, Lady Redwyne vs. Tywin Lannister, Kevin Spacey jerkin, some of the worst dates ever, and Saw IX: medieval edition.

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S3E04 "Kissed By Fire" is covered as Ivan and Red get back to their roots with a 1-on-1 Game of Thrones recap recording. They discuss Payne's Grapefruit pods, the number of soldiers left at Castle Black, Tyrion's browbeating, Jaime and Brienne's lack of genitals, and Lannister on Lannister action.

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The 4th chair Sean Keane joins Ivan and Red to discuss the S3E04, "And Now His Watch Has Ended". They cover Cyber Bullying, Ser Dontos in Pitch Perfect 2, Varys and his hatred of magicians slash Stannis, Podrick Payne and the difficult to describe sexual maneuver, Joffrey's amateur waving abilities, Tywin's wish to die at his children's hands, Tywin's love of Legacy and Calligraphy, Sansa and Ser Loras's sexuality!

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Guests Caitlin Gill and Jamie DeWolf are on board with Ivan and Red for a national treasure of an episode. We discuss Robb's leadership skills, funeral pyre archery, horse-art, Catelyn needs to suck it up, Brienne's AC Slater hair, Ivan goes too far, the Bolton Bastard/Simon, a bit of Misfits, Pod Payne's sexual prowess, hardcore accounting, and one mean hand job.

Direct download: 2013-04-15_BGaS_Episode_91_3x03.mp3
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The third chair, Kelly Anneken, host of Downton Abbey podcast "Up Yours, Downstairs!" returns to discuss season 2 along with Ivan and Red! This week Iwan Rheon (AKA Simon on Misfits), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Sam in Love, Actually), and Diana Rigg (now known for this part forever) join the cast. Joffrey experiences sexual awakening, Tarley is sad, there's a sword fight, THOROS OF MYR, and so much more.

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A live show at Stage Werx in San Francisco. Ivan and Red are joined by Natasha Muse and Sean Keane to discuss Season 3 of Game of Thrones. We discuss our Season 3 predictions, a Ted Talk on body language, Jon Snow losing his coat, Joffrey the Blonde cat, a candle in the wind, Davos's sensitivity to the sun, and so much more.

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By popular demand Sick Red is back along with Ivan Hernandez to close out the Dunk and Egg stories by discussing ancient word processors, medieval surgery, popery, Ser Uthor's snail and truth in advershielding laws, the inside of Dunk's head, treachery!!!, a slight variation on mendelian genetics, forearms, and privy shafts. BGS theme via Lord Daniel Preston.

Direct download: 2013-03-25_BGaS_Episode_88_Dunk7.mp3
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Ivan Hernandez and Sick Red come to you from the ledge between death and life to discuss The Mystery Knight! They discuss Red's tweet process, the upcoming podcast recording 3/31 at Stage Werx, physics with bannerman Ryan Johnson, boot talk with Egg, the origin of the phrase dog pile, goth Christina Hendricks, and wedding pie. "Dunk and Egg" song via Ser Daniel Preston.

Direct download: 2013-03-18_BGaS_Episode_87_Dunk6.mp3
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Placebo ridden Red Scott and soon to be ill Ivan Hernandez wrap up The Sworn Sword before moving on to The Mystery Knight next week and inch ever closer to the Game of Thrones Season 3 Premiere March 31st! Check out Nicole's amazing fan art! "Dunk and Egg" song via Ser Daniel Preston.

Direct download: 2013-03-11_BGaS_Episode_86_Dunk5.mp3
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Sworn Sword Part II with Ivan and Red heading across the river to meet Lucas the Angry Longinch, the Red Widow, and Ser Sefton the Flatulent. On the way to the spider, they cover the social service Vine, Siri reviews, Ser Bennis's grossness, The Red Widow's Plan C birth control, Beard and Beardless, Ogre & Donkey, and more! "Dunk and Egg" song via Ser Daniel Preston.

Direct download: 2013-03-04_BGaS_Episode_85_Dunk4.mp3
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Back on track with the NEXT Dunk and Egg tale, Ivan and Red crack Legends II from the start to page 36 and get on with The Sworn Sword. First they discuss Red's trip to Ivan's home state, some listener emails, and then get on to Railroad's laziest naming yet, Martin Short as Ser Useless, the best way to make Flan, and so much more. "Dunk and Egg" song via Ser Daniel Preston.

Direct download: 2013-02-25_BGaS_Episode_84_Dunk3.mp3
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In Ivan's now favorite and Red's least favorite episode, we attempt to cover the next chapter in the Dunk and Egg series until something goes horribly, horribly awry. There's a lot happening in this one, but I assure any listeners there are ZERO spoilers for D&E, so listen freely. "Dunk and Egg" song via Ser Daniel Preston.

Direct download: 2013-02-11_BGaS_Episode_83_Dunk2.5.mp3
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Red and Ivan finish up The Hedge Knight as well as getting into The Third Shift, predicting the victor of the Superb Owl despite no Bannerman caring, puberty-age Ivan reading extended universe Star Wars fiction, the Pearlman siblings, Lord Ashford dominating H-O-R-S-E, homonyms and Crazy Horse, Baelor Breakspear and other great names, Arya and her 10,000 ships, Beesbury, Brightflame getting kicked in the mouth, Warren Buffet and others in the Upper Middle Class, how to take notes on an iPad, dragging your enemy by the foot, and the rare happy ending. "Dunk and Egg" song via Ser Daniel Preston.

Direct download: 2013-02-04_BGaS_Episode_82_Dunk2.mp3
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Ivan and Red enter the world of Dunk and Egg to discuss the first part of The Hedge Knight! This week Ivan and Red discuss spitting words into brain holes, infallibility, "on accident" vs "by accident", another question from Andrea Boettcher via Chuck Klusterman, the correct time to read Dunk & Egg, Ivan's childhood teeth brushing policy, Lady puppeteers, tall drinks of water, more Star Wars prequel talk, ransoming armor, and more more more. Next week we'll cover the rest of The Hedge Knight. "Dunk and Egg" song via Ser Daniel Preston.

Direct download: 2013-01-28_BGaS_Episode_81_Dunk1.mp3
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In this, their 80th episode, Ivan & Red discuss the show's origins, which GoT character they would punch in the face, their top 5 albums of all time, whether or not Ivan hooks up with female comics, and so much more! This was a real treat of an episode for us to do, if you have any feedback, hit us up at or on twitter @boarsgoreswords. Next week we start the tales of Dunk and Egg. Join us!

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To coincide with the Golden Globes, Ivan & Red host a podcast of much greater relevance! The boys are joined by Julia Prescott and David Child of the Friday Night Film School podcast to take a look at the 18 movies that Ivan happened to see theatrically in 2012! It's a great cluster of a discussion, so feel free to add your own voice by yelling at us in disagreement in your own car, gym, or workplace!

Direct download: 2013-01-14_BGaS_Episode_79_2012_movies.mp3
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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is given a thorough going over by Ivan, Red, and returning guest Sean Keane! They discuss Radagast, HFR 3D, cautionary tales of Trick or Treating, the worst Indiana Jones, Riding Miss Daisy, The Hobbit vs. Game of Thrones, prequels of all varities, perfect casting for Bilbo and the Goblin King, and more. Great episode.

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