Boars, Gore, and Swords

Arya III and Samwell I. Ivan and Red discuss being the new kid in school, Ben Affleck as The Bat Man, Tywin POV chapter, Brothers of the Kingswood, Garlic Sausage as weapons, Tall Small Paul, not kicking your friends, and Saints Row IV.

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Jon II and Sansa II. Ivan and Red cover bear giants, Westerosi romantic comedies, Tormund's tall tales, Westerosi birth control, The Last of the Giants, more! Our new icon is by Bannerman Nicole, check out her work at

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Arya II and Catelyn II are all Ivan and Red have time for in this brief, 107 minute episode, in which we also cover the flaming blood brothers, page number talk, Frank's Sex Talk podcast, westerosi immune systems, The Hot Pie & The Bull morning show, Jeyne Westerling, Jerry Lewis's Lady wife, and Edmure's war ability.

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Jaime II and Tyrion II is plenty of meat for Ivan and Red to gnaw on, after hearing Ravens from the Bannermen, Ivan avoids 13 in all areas, there's out of frame horse death, human bones assembled into horse skeletons, Patchface predictions, Marvel vs. Capcom, Archers and Archer, and overly frank sex talk.

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