Boars, Gore, and Swords

Like a Mad Max sequel, Ivan and Red join again in a thankless desert to fight the patriarchy and discuss “The Dance of Dragons” and “Mother’s Mercy”, episodes 5x09 and 5x10 of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

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Joined in Los Angeles by forces poorly understood, Ivan and Red discuss “Hardhome”, Season 5, Episode 8 of HBO’s “Game of Thrones”.

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Ivan & Red catch up, covering Season 5, Episodes 6 & 7 of HBO’s Game of Thrones: ”Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken" and “The Gift”.

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“Kill the Boy”, Season 5, Episode 5 of HBO’s “Game of Thrones”. Ivan & Sick Red discuss Grace & Frankie, PREVIOUSLY ON, Red only making two mistakes, teaching Dragons to love human, the return of Sports to Mereen, Miranda’s pointy hip, the return of the Broken Tower, dinner with Ramsay, the promise of another wedding, and Valyria.

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“Sons of the Harpy”, AKA Season 5, Episode 4, of HBO’s “Game Of Thrones”. Ivan & Red discuss PREVIOUSLY ON, Riffers of Color, book obsession gone wrong, the Faith Militant, clearing out the rabble, run the wall, Harold & Kumar Go to Whitest Castle, The Wire, symbolic snake killing, and Tyrion the mentalist.

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“High Sparrow”, AKA Season 5, Episode 3, of HBO’s “Game Of Thrones. Jane Harrison joins Ivan & Red to discuss one of the best damn episodes this show’s put on offer. They talk missing storylines, King Tommen, Cersei vs. Maergery, chubby bunnies, Podrick being the best, the invention of clinchés, the noble stand of Janos Slynt, ginger humor, and the Game of King Chairs.

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“The House of Black and White”, the Season 5, Episode 2, of HBO’s “Game of Thrones”. OJ Patterson returns with Ivan & Red to discuss Slenderman in Westeros, *Stannis will remember that*, a brief discussion of the second Star Wars trailer, Podrick’s rock-tossing, Brienne showing people what’s up, MC Moondoor, British vs American acting, the return of House Mormont, Blackface in Essos, and farcical trials.

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“The Wars to Come”, the Season 5 premiere of HBO’s “Game of Thrones”. Lydia Popovich joins Ivan and Red to discuss aliens helping to build the pyramids of Mereen, the importance of leash laws, surprising similarities between teenage Cersei Lannister and Kimmy Schmidt’s Xanthippe Lannister Vorhees, Game of Thrones’s turn toward Scientology, Varys and Tyrion to get the band together, and Deanerys’s deep need for Cesar Milan.

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“The Sword in The Darkness” , episode 3 of Telltale’s “Game of Thrones” series of 6 planned episodes that take you into Westeros through the eyes of House Forrester, Loyal Bannermen to House Stark. Ivan and Red discuss the importance of Corpse Gold, to Beshka or not to Beshka, disposable Forresters, Jon Snow’s complete lack of empathy, and #TeamNoGold.

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With just weeks left until the Game of Thrones premiere, BBC Two has put out Methadone for those Jones’ing. With kings, queens, surly advisers, intrigue, a sauntering Jojen Reed, top notch acting, and Mycroft Holmes as Thin Varys, Wolf Hall is a perfect stand in for Game of Thrones minus all the tedious dragons and facial expressions.

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We’d intended to cover a more Game of Thrones related show this week, but then Netflix dropped a new Tina Fey show on Friday, and it was immediately clear Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is What You Should be Watching.

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If Littlefinger was a real-estate magnate in the 21st century, and he agreed to be interviewed about murders and disappearances he’s been associated with for decades, you might have something close to HBO’s “The Jinx”. Ivan and Red start out intending to watch the first episode, but end up not being able to stop themselves from watching both.

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Ivan and Red discuss “The Lost Lords”, episode 2 of Telltale’s “Game of Thrones”, a series of 6 planned episodes that take you into Westeros through the eyes of House Forrester, loyal Bannerman to House Stark. The series is in the tv show continuity, and starts at the end of Season 3 and will end just before the start of Season 5. They discuss the Apple telltale builds, a refreshing lack of maggots, more Forresters than you can shake a hatchet at, and how this episode in particular will reveal a lot about your own relationship with Women.

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Ivan and Red discuss the pilot for Agent Carter, the newest entry in Marvel’s universe. Hayley Atwell plays Peggy Carter as an officer with the Strategic Scientific Reserve in post WWII New York, and there’s more Jarvis than you can handle.

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Bring in the new year with a new show about 13th century Asia, Netflix’s “Marco Polo”. There’s a blind swordsman fighting a cobra, what else do you need?!

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