Boars, Gore, and Swords

Catelyn IV and Davos IV. Red and Ivan discuss identity theft, MC Paul Barman, Walder Rivers, Lysa be cray, Flowers for Algernon, Guilds, Beef & Bacon pie, and Stannis Lessig.

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Samwell II and Arya VI. Red and Ivan discuss their trip to Sacramento, the Night's Watch going full Donner Party, the requirement that you provide a guest in your hall with sausages, missionary work, obsidian, the lord of leeches, and Kill Beric: Volume 2.

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Jaime IV III and Tyrion IV. Ivan and Red discuss "being eaten by a shark" acting, letting your meat rest, Star Wars Despecialized Edition, Jaime singing for The Cure, Shagwell, Jury Duty, Tyrion The Creep, Silver Tongues, and all the questions you had about Valyrian Steel but were afraid to ask.

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Arya V and Jon IV. Ivan and Red discuss Men's Right's activists, Conservapedia, brown genital holes, cages, frilly dresses, The Peach, ICE!, the meaning of Walls, and so much more.

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Daenerys III and Sansa III. Ivan and Red discuss the Unsullied, the brutal beating Daenerys delivers, Whitebeard being put in his place,Danerys gets physical, Sansa's surprise wedding, Tyrion's pathetic husbandry, and an amazing opening song by Bannerman Charlie Cassarino.

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