Boars, Gore, and Swords

What If... Captain Carter Were the First Avenger?. Red & Ivan follow the sweet sweet voice of Armand Delgado into Disney’s newest animated television show that asks What If we weren’t bound by the extremely thin ties of MCU continuity. 

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Goodbye, Earl. Red & Ivan return to AFC Richmond for the Season 2 premiere episode. They’re overjoyed that their favorite Champions League team has a new mascot we will all soon come to know and love. Everyone regresses except for Roy Kent, Ted bumps up against mental health, and Nate becomes the Dom nobody asked for.

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Tonight Show writer Alexandria Love joins Red & Ivan to discuss the first ever MCU movie about a character who died on alien planet several years ago, the MCU’s Black Widow. We discuss this bizarre midquel (prequel in the middle of a series), Russian pull string toys, controversial music drops, and the best place to point a gun (NOT at the barrel of your adversary’s gun).

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