Boars, Gore, and Swords

S3E04 "Kissed By Fire" is covered as Ivan and Red get back to their roots with a 1-on-1 Game of Thrones recap recording. They discuss Payne's Grapefruit pods, the number of soldiers left at Castle Black, Tyrion's browbeating, Jaime and Brienne's lack of genitals, and Lannister on Lannister action.

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The 4th chair Sean Keane joins Ivan and Red to discuss the S3E04, "And Now His Watch Has Ended". They cover Cyber Bullying, Ser Dontos in Pitch Perfect 2, Varys and his hatred of magicians slash Stannis, Podrick Payne and the difficult to describe sexual maneuver, Joffrey's amateur waving abilities, Tywin's wish to die at his children's hands, Tywin's love of Legacy and Calligraphy, Sansa and Ser Loras's sexuality!

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Guests Caitlin Gill and Jamie DeWolf are on board with Ivan and Red for a national treasure of an episode. We discuss Robb's leadership skills, funeral pyre archery, horse-art, Catelyn needs to suck it up, Brienne's AC Slater hair, Ivan goes too far, the Bolton Bastard/Simon, a bit of Misfits, Pod Payne's sexual prowess, hardcore accounting, and one mean hand job.

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The third chair, Kelly Anneken, host of Downton Abbey podcast "Up Yours, Downstairs!" returns to discuss season 2 along with Ivan and Red! This week Iwan Rheon (AKA Simon on Misfits), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Sam in Love, Actually), and Diana Rigg (now known for this part forever) join the cast. Joffrey experiences sexual awakening, Tarley is sad, there's a sword fight, THOROS OF MYR, and so much more.

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A live show at Stage Werx in San Francisco. Ivan and Red are joined by Natasha Muse and Sean Keane to discuss Season 3 of Game of Thrones. We discuss our Season 3 predictions, a Ted Talk on body language, Jon Snow losing his coat, Joffrey the Blonde cat, a candle in the wind, Davos's sensitivity to the sun, and so much more.

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