Boars, Gore, and Swords

Arya VII, Catelyn III, and Sansa III. Ivan and Red cover Toxoplasmosis, the link between cats and prohibition, Pomplamoose's "single ladies" cover, geocities vs angelfire, some very metal tower names, Harrenhal on tv vs book, Sauroman interior designer, and so much more! Next week, we cover four chapters: Catelyn IV, Jon IV, Bran V, and Tyrion VIII.

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Daenerys II, Bran IV, and Tyrion VII are covered this week. Ivan and Red cover Gouda, Cabernet, Daenerys in Qarth, Peyote, marching bands, Guy Branum's laugh, tax evasion, Robert Baratheon's death, and so much more. Matt Murdick of Podcast Winterfell's great remix is played, and we ask again for more theme song submissions to Next week is Arya VII, Catelyn III, and Sansa III.

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Tyrion VI and Arya VI this week as a result of Red writing down the wrong chapters in last weeks show notes. Red and a near-comatose Ivan cover Outside Lands, Total Recall, Shagga's bathing, Cats with two-sided axes, Yo Gabba Gabba themed wedding, Eat No Evil and much more. Next week it's Daenerys II, Bran IV, and Tyrion VII.

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Jon III and Theon II. Ivan and Red cover the Colors RadioLab, The Dark Knight Rises, disemboweling, the grossest dude in the Night's Watch, a fleshy abacus, lactose, Railroad's favorite sexual position, and more! Next week is Tyrion VI and Arya VI.

If you have a BGaS theme to submit, send it to!

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