Boars, Gore, and Swords

Bran III and Catelyn II. To make two of the most *riveting* POVs more exciting we brought in Kelly Anneken to join Ivan and Red. We cover Ivan's vision board, bangable ladies vs bangable dudes, The Wire, Yara, Ivan's replacement and the real definition of "Ermine Mantile". Next week Jon III and Theon II.

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Sansa II, Arya V, and Tyrion V. Ivan and Red cover Jeyne Poole dying in pre-production, cat-humans and spider-cats, crow food, yielding, patchouli, dumb Gendry, Ernest Hemingway and more!

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Tyrion III, Bran II, and Tyrion IV. Ivan and Red cover Geriatric Naked Ladies, Tyrion's internal brilliance, theater jumping, The Amazing Spider-Man, the wine sink, Shae's task, Ironbelly and more!

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Dany I, Jon II, Arya IV covered. done. Ivan and Red discuss Community/GoT crossovers, the SF Comedy Scene, parties Red didn't go to, bloody chest extremities, sexually inappropriate ages, purple eyes, sheep, tasting corpses, and good raper bad raper. Next week is a Bran sandwich with Tyrion III, Bran II, and Tyrion IV.

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Arya III, Davos I, and Theon I get chatted up by Ivan and Red. They discuss the specifics of "Making Water", stealing food, being too angry to eat, knuckle necklace, Seaworth Siblings, the true meaning of "We Do Not Sow", and Greyjoy entitlement! Next week we cover Daenerys I, Jon II, and Arya IV.

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