Boars, Gore, and Swords a Y: The Last Man Podcast (tv)

Victoria. Ivan & Red follow a perfect season of television to its phenomenal conclusion. If there could be a better adaptation of a graphic novel, we can’t imagine it. We’ll follow this show to the ends of the earth, whether that road goes through HBO Max or Amazon Prime. Let everyone know about the best show on tv with the hashtag #YLivesOn.

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Peppers. Ivan & Red join back up with the gang at the women’s prison where Yorick is fitting in and Dr Mann is showing off mysterious scars. The Amazons visit the Men’s Museum and continue on their mission to destroy the last of the podcasting equipment.

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Ready. Aim. Fire. Ivan & Red follow Roxanne on her journey from obtaining Law & Order at any cost to a camping trip at PriceMax on her way to becoming charismatic leader we all know and love!

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My Mother Saw a Monkey. Ivan & Red accuse each other of being bad mothers and then work together to help expose the truth of the Jennifer Brown Administration that is callously allowing service members to die in her name. They also spend the opening bit talking about the new Game of Thrones show House of the Dragon, you can skip to (8:54) to just listen to Y: The Last Man.

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Would the World Be Kind and Neil. Ivan & Red hid amongst some dead bodies and made it out in time to podcast episodes 2 & 3 of Hulu’s Y: The Last Man. Next week we’ll also cover two episodes in order to catch up with the show!

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A formative Vertigo comic book was adapted into a Hulu show and Ivan could feel half his chromosomes tingling. That’s right, Y: The Last Man, with Red reluctantly joining as they draw straws to see who gets to be the only male podcaster left on earth.

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If a crime’s being committed in the 90s and it calls for over the top delivery, wigs, and prosthetics, there’s only one person to call: Ryan Murphy Red & Ivan head back to the malls of their youth to talk the 90s, pervasive misogyny, and the third grossest President of the United States.

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What If... Captain Carter Were the First Avenger?. Red & Ivan follow the sweet sweet voice of Armand Delgado into Disney’s newest animated television show that asks What If we weren’t bound by the extremely thin ties of MCU continuity. 

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Goodbye, Earl. Red & Ivan return to AFC Richmond for the Season 2 premiere episode. They’re overjoyed that their favorite Champions League team has a new mascot we will all soon come to know and love. Everyone regresses except for Roy Kent, Ted bumps up against mental health, and Nate becomes the Dom nobody asked for.

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For All Time. Always. Red & Ivan climb the bean stalk and confront the black and gold mystery castle at the end and beginning of it all. Is Miss Minutes behind it all? Will they survive in the belly of Alioth? Do they have the legal right to refer to “The Avengers”?? All this on the season’s FINAL episode of Loki.

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Journey into Mystery. Red & Ivan assess the penultimate episode of Loki’s season 1, an episode with enough titular Lokis to let you know we’re truly approaching the end. Also the smoke monster that gobbles matter & energy was a sign. They talk old man Loki, Alligator Loki, Boastful Loki, Lady Loki, President Loki and Owen Wilson on a Jet Ski.

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The Nexus Event. Red & Ivan are joined by Senior Editor for Data @ Insider and writer of, Walter Hickey, talk how episode 3 never happened, bisexual myst, terrible dialogue, and special guest star Richard E. Grant.

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Lamentis. Disney+ tried to ditch the most successful buddy pairing in MCU history and it’s certainly noticeable on this week’s Loki. Red & Ivan talk about this episode which drops us in the middle of things and leaves us in the middle of things as they try to find a cell phone charger so they can call a Time Uber.

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The Variant. We’re back with the impossibly entertaining Owen Wilson and company for Disney+’s Loki. Red & Ivan talk Jet Ski Uncles, the Renaissance Faire Cinematic Universe, WALL-E cops, and their inevitable livestream'd death in a climate catastrophe.

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Disney+ goes all in on time travel and  mustaches and Red could not be happier with MCU’s Loki. & Ivan struggles to deal with the reality that Red enjoys an MCU property more than he does. They talk cosmic paperweights, Douglas Adams, Glorious Purpose, and the integration of the 2006 Adam Sandler film Click into the MCU.

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HBO breaks virgin ground with a sitcom that dares to go inside the world of comedy writing: Hacks. Red & Ivan delve into the moviePrestige TV Show based on the life of Joan RiversDeborah Vance and an amalgamation of comics in the LA scene who could really use the workAva!

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Finally HBO made the first ever prestige drama about solving a crime in a small town that has more to it than it seems: Mare of Easttown. Red & Ivan top off their wooter bottles, grab a hoagie at the Wawa, and head to a small post-industrial town outside Philly to rap nostalgic about The Big Game back in high school and generally be dirtbags in the woods. 

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On the docket: The Full Season of Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Red’s moved out of Pluto’s extremely reverberant cave, Ivan took a break from watching The Rocketeer, and Comedian Alexandria Love re-joins to talk about the Best Bucky and the Top 4 MCU characters to wield the shield. Also they discuss Red’s canonically correct MCU movie rankings!

Direct download: 2021-05-02_BGaS_Episode_432_WYSBW_Falcon_Winter_Soldier.mp3
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Red’s empty and echo’ing house is thematically appropriate for a tv show absolutely nobody watched! Ivan has some axes to grind when it comes to the name on fully half of the end credits and with some thematic similarities to some, let’s say, “Ex Men”, in HBO Max’s The Nevers.

Direct download: 2021-04-20_BGaS_Episode_431_WYSBW_Nevers.mp3
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Fresh off a cross country move and still absent all of his stuff, Red rigs up a recording hut in an empty apartment to talk with Ivan about a little known late 90s family Drama, The Sopranos. Want to hear more classic shows? Let us know on twitter: @boarsgoreswords.

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The Series Finale. Alexandria, Red & Ivan watch the final WandaVision episode which assuredly wraps everything up and isn’t just a placeholder for 5 other MCU shows. We count the many fan theories left for dead in Westview and the *one* theory Ivan might have got right.

You can check out everything Alexandria at her website:

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Previously On. Alexandria, Red & Ivan watch as the MCU joined the Charmed Cinematic Universe. Witchcraft is REAL and Agatha needs them trade secrets. We visit the MCU’s first full Sokovian family, and the Ghost of Wanda past really ties things together.

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Breaking the Fourth Wall. Alexandria, Red & Ivan find out the truth about Uncle P and Aunt Agnes. They talk Circus cosplay, Vision getting mic’d up, and some giant bugs.

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Now in Color & We Interrupt This Program. Alexandria Love is officially part of the pod as we’re all in on WandaVision. She joins Red & Ivan to discuss the ONLY 70s sitcom, bird awareness, and twins!

On the patreon, there’s a new beta episode of a podcast Red is working on with Maggie Tokuda-Hall! This one is about the book & film, Stardust. And one should be up in the next few days about Silence of the Lambs.

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WandaVision on Disney+. Ivan and return guest Alexandria Love shove Red out of their idyllic 1950s sitcom so they can talk comic books in peace. They cover the first two episodes, and will be continuing on with episodes 3 & 4 next week!

On the patreon, there’s a new beta episode of a podcast Red is working on with Maggie Tokuda-Hall! This one is about the book & film, Stardust.

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Warrior on HBO Max. Red finally convinces Ivan to watch a show that seems to have been created with exactly him in mind. A martial arts drama originally conceived by Bruce Lee, stolen by The Man, only to be resurrected by Cinemax then rescued by HBO Max. It’s got drama! punching! funk drops!

The patreon has a beta episode of Failure to Adapt, a podcast Red is working on with Maggie Tokuda-Hall!

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Ivan straps Red into a novelty late night set and it gets twisted, as they watch and discuss three episodes of Batman: The Animated Series:

  • 1x46: The Laughing Fish
  • 1x35: Almost Got ‘Im
  • 1x03: Heart of Ice


The patreon has a beta episode of Failure to Adapt, a podcast Red is working on with Maggie Tokuda-Hall!

Also check Red’s new streaming game show on twitch, Blabbermouth!

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A rare foray into sitcoms is justified by the single best new television show of 2020, Ted Lasso. Red joins Ivan in NYC, just a subway* ride away to do what they never thought possible, discuss a sports show they both agree is good?

We end with a bit of Q&A taken from the Bannermen in our Patreon Post Thanksgiving Mailbag ep, in an effort to answer every question offered up from our Patreon supporters!

Direct download: 2020-12-11_BGaS_Episode_411_WYSBW_Ted_Lasso.mp3
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For the first time in TOO LONG it’s time to talk food. Red joins Ivan in NYC, but thanks to 2020 they’re still recording remotely. At the behest of a Bannerman in our Patreon Post Thanksgiving Mailbag ep, we get into the Maya Rudolph voiced Food & Travel show on Hulu.

Direct download: 2020-12-07_BGaS_Episode_410_WYSBW_Eater.mp3
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As American democracy tries to separate itself from the death throes of a devolved Autocrat, Ivan & Red attempt a return to normalcy by discussing Prestige Science Fiction Television! And what better way to step back into the fray than a Ridley Scott produced high concept show starring Android Annie Lennox?

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Direct download: 2020-11-19_BGaS_Episode_409_WYSBW_Raised_By_Wolves.mp3
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Vikings in modern times let’s goooooooo!!! Ivan & Red are joined by previous guest and #1 Bergen fan, Katie Compa!

You can find Katie Compa on twitter at @katiecompa and you can find her debut Stand Up Comedy album Hard Pass on Apple Music or Spotify.

Also, you check Red’s new streaming game show on twitch, Blabbermouth!

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Full Circle. A perfect season of television demanded the return of this season’s perfect guest: Alexandria Love. She joins Ivan & Red to talk fiscal racism, free will, the HBO exec in Misha Green’s basement, and a girl and her Shoggoth.

Listen to Alexandria’s Radio Play: Miles to Go Before I Sleep

Read Kinitra D. Brooks incredibly deep recaps of Lovecraft Country on The Root.

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Direct download: 2020-10-20_BGaS_Episode_407_WYSBW_Lovecraft_Country_1x10.mp3
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Rewind 1921. After what felt like 200 years, Hippolyta returns from the multiverse to send us 99 years back in time. Ivan & Red talk the first ever fictionalized depiction of the 1921 Tulsa massacre on an HBO prestige series in 2020.

Check out Kinitra D. Brooks incredibly deep recaps of Lovecraft Country on The Root.

Also, please check out and follow Red’s new streaming game show on twitch, Blabbermouth!

Direct download: 2020-10-13_BGaS_Episode_406_WYSBW_Lovecraft_Country_1x09.mp3
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Jig-a-Bobo. With Hippolyta still not back from her many Afrofuturistic lives, it’s up to everyone else to face the cold reality of cops, exes, and Tik Tok. Ivan & Red discuss possibly the most harrowing episode of an innately harrowing series.

Check out Kinitra D. Brooks incredibly deep recaps of Lovecraft Country on The Root.

Also, check out Red’s new streaming game show on twitch, Blabbermouth!

Direct download: 2020-10-07_BGaS_Episode_405_WYSBW_Lovecraft_Country_1x08.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 12:48am PST

I Am. As soon as Hippolyta went to work on Hiram’s Orrery, you knew this ep was going to be fire. Ivan & Red talk Afrofuturism, the supernatural, and Hippolyta inevitably taking her natural place as the leader of the gang.

Make sure to check out Red’s new streaming game show, Blabbermouth!

Direct download: 2020-09-30_BGaS_Episode_404_WYSBW_Lovecraft_Country_1x07.1.mp3
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Meet Me In Daegu. We’ve reached the point in the HBO prestige genre series where we abandon the primary storyline and have a singular episode inside a completely different world. Ivan & Red talk about the things that happen in this good episode of television!

Direct download: 2020-09-23_BGaS_Episode_403_WYSBW_Lovecraft_Country_1x06.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 9:39pm PST

Strange Case. Much like Tree, The Fun Adventure times are left far behind as we dive deep into then “Gore” element, leaving behind Boars and Swords entirely. Ivan talks Bones, Gore, & Viscera while Red describes the part of the episode he glimpsed through splayed fingers.

Direct download: 2020-09-16_BGaS_Episode_402_WYSBW_Lovecraft_Country_1x05.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 12:43pm PST

A History of Violence. Only after Holy Ghost could an episode with a severed arm in a door be a reprieve and a fun romp through adventure tropes. Ivan & Red ditch Tree and talk pulpy adventure tropes!

Direct download: 2020-09-09_BGaS_Episode_401_WYSBW_Lovecraft_Country_1x04.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 1:58pm PST

Holy Ghost. Episode 3 of Lovecraft Country one elevator joins the fight for justice. Ivan & Red hit the road with writer & comic Alexandria Love just in time for the show to go full Re-Animator.

You can find Alexandria Love at or on twitter at @rialoveftw

Direct download: 2020-09-02_BGaS_Episode_400_WYSBW_Lovecraft_Country_1x03.mp3
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Whitey's on the Moon. When an episode is as perfect as the Lovecraft Country pilot, you are honor bound to podcast about the entire season. Ivan & Red talk perfect horror tropes, the incredibly racist white lady, and the problematic nature of medieval fraternal organizations.

Direct download: 2020-08-26_BGaS_Episode_399_WYSBW_Lovecraft_Country_1x02.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 10:47pm PST

Misha Green’s HBO adaptation of Matt Ruff’s Lovecraft Country just might be the best pilot of 2020. Ivan & Red walk in with two completely different understandings of whether or not Lovecraft Country is adapted and the extent to which monsters exist.

Direct download: 2020-08-19_BGaS_Episode_398_WYSBW_Lovecraft_Country-1.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 1:01am PST

HUZZAH!!! Hulu dropped the best hour long drama show in the first half of 2020 and it’s called The Great. Ivan & Red talk their favorite Fanning, their fandom of The Favourite, and fondest Wield (Dual).

Direct download: 2020-08-14_BGaS_Episode_397_WYSBW_The_Great.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 5:12pm PST

After subjecting last week’s guest to a show that wasn’t quite her jam, we decided to have Valerie Vernale back with Ivan & Red to talk a show much more to her taste: 90 Day Fiancé.

Make sure to check out heck out Valerie’s podcast, The Valerie Vernale Podcast

Direct download: 2020-08-06_BGaS_Episode_396_WYSBW_90_Day_Fiance.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 6:41pm PST

NBC has launched it’s own streaming service, Peacock, the true successor to Seeso and Bay Area Comic Valerie Vernale joins Ivan & Red to talk their headlining launch title, Brave New World.

Make sure to check out heck out Valerie’s podcast, The Valerie Vernale Podcast.

Direct download: 2020-07-29_BGaS_Episode_395_WYSBW_Brave_New_World.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 1:09pm PST

We take a new angle for 2020 and review a show that is actually good. Ivan & Red finally give everyone what they want: Two Male Podcasters discussing 1970s feminists! And Phyllis Schlafly.

Direct download: 2020-07-09_BGaS_Episode_393_WYSBW_Mrs_America.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 4:43pm PST

The classic procedural detective show, one of the most reliable and most satisfying television formulas, how could HBO possibly screw it up? BGaS favorite KayDee Kersten joins Ivan & Red to talk a show with an incredible cast, a terrible beginning, a worse end, and Matthew Rhys getting humped off a bed.

Direct download: 2020-06-26_BGaS_Episode_392_Perry_Mason.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 10:56pm PST

When a streaming service greenlights a show based off viral paintings by a swedish artist you know it’s gunna get weird. Ivan & Red come down on entirely different sides for on this atmospheric, nostalgic, foreboding, and gorgeous 3.5 Star prestige sci-fi show.

This link will split your donation evenly among a dozen charities fighting against racism and police brutality:

Direct download: 2020-06-10_BGaS_Episode_391_Tales_from_the_Loop.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 12:36pm PST

An impossible to make movie has inexplicably become a tv show that nobody was asking for. Ivan & Red grab a roach brick and sit down to watch Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs & The Rocketeer’s Jennifer Connelly hop on a literal and metaphorical trainwreck.

Watch the first ep of Snowpiercer free on TNT’s Website or on Prime Video

Direct download: 2020-05-28_BGaS_Episode_389_Snowpiercer_TV.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 1:13am PST

Due to Bannerman demand, we’re back to discuss the entirety  of Devs, via “FX on Hulu” (stares directly into the camera). Ivan & Red do the impossible: Try and make sense of an Alex Garland project.

Direct download: 2020-04-20_BGaS_Episode_386_WYSBW_Devs.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 4:00pm PST

Devs, via “FX on Hulu” (stares directly into the camera). Ivan is traumatized by his own past in San Francisco, a city where Red has never been and does not currently live.

Direct download: 2020-04-05_BGaS_Episode_385_WYSBW_Devs.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 6:13pm PST

The Winter Line, takes us back into the–park? Or, DO THEY??? Ivan & Red spend some quality time sheltered in place with Maive, “Damaged Arnold”, an unexpected return character, and some very unexpected creators of HBO’s Confederate.


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Direct download: 2020-03-23_dslatm-025.mp3
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On the heels of California’s statewide order to stay at home, BGaS favorite KayDee Kersten joins Red to bring you this emergency episode of streaming recommendations in this time of Government Mandated Lethargy.

Direct download: 2020-04-21_BGaS_Episode_386_WYSBW_Binge_in_Place.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 3:50pm PST

Parce Domine, dives back into the REALITY of 2058 and the future is Cyber Punk. Ivan & Red are thrown by some unexpected cameos as The Impossible Burger debuts its latest product. We’re just happy to be back!

New dslatm Theme performed by Dan Preston, composed by Lucas Tuttle.

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This is Doesn't Sound Like Anything to Me, our Westworld recap podcast.

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Direct download: 2020-03-16_dslatm-024_BGaS.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 10:20pm PST

We take this midpoint in our Watchmen coverage to get into the mind of a much skull than Alan Moore’s: George Lucas’s. Ivan & Red cover all 8 lines of dialogue and 58 celebrity cameos in the best Disney+ Star Wars Original Series of 2019.

Direct download: 2020-02-10_BGaS_Episode_379_WYSBW_The_Mandalorian.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 4:00pm PST

Watchmen #1 (of 12). Ivan & Red intend to cover the first 4 issues of Watchmen, but barely make it through the first episode.

Special episode theme: “Lube Man”, by Daniel Preston

Direct download: 2019-12-31_BGaS_Episode_373_WYSBW_Watchmen_Issue_1.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 4:10pm PST

A God Walks into Abar, episode 8 of Lindelof’s misleadingly named Watchmen answers a  few questions and asks a whole lot more. Ivan & Red talk to ivan & red in the past where we suggest we start a Game of Thrones podcast.

Direct download: 2019-12-11_BGaS_Episode_371_WYSBW_Watchmen_1x08.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 10:08pm PST

An Almost Religious Awe, episode 7 of Lindelof’s misleadingly named Watchmen sequel is the episode AFTER one of the greatest episodes of television in the past decade. Ivan & Red take you through this episode that manages to have a few enormous twists of its own.

Direct download: 2019-12-05_BGaS_Episode_370_WYSBW_Watchmen_1x07.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 12:22am PST

This Extraordinary Being, episode 6 of Lindelof’s misleadingly named Watchmen sequel takes the viewer through Will Reeves’ Extraordinary (some would say Super) life as seen through his Granddaughter’s overdose. Ivan & Red down a SECOND bottle of illicit Nostalgia pills and get to know the life of the man some would say has a Will of Steel.

Direct download: 2019-11-26_BGaS_Episode_369_WYSBW_Watchmen_1x06.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 12:15am PST

Little Fear of Lightning, episode 5 of Lindelof’s misleadingly named Watchmen takes us metaphorically and literally behind the mask. Ivan & Red down a bottle of illicit Nostalgia pills and follow Damon back to 1985 Hoboken, New Jersey.

Direct download: 2019-11-19_BGaS_Episode_368_WYSBW_Watchmen_1x05.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 9:39pm PST

If You Don't Like My Story, Write Your Own, episode 4 of Lindelof’s misleadingly named Watchmen sequel takes us completely off the rails in full mid-season genre tv fashion. Ivan & Red sit down for tea in Bezos’ balls and ponder if we’re human or just two swamp clones in a simulation.

Direct download: 2019-11-13_BGaS_Episode_367_WYSBW_Watchmen_1x04.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 3:53pm PST

She Was Killed by Space Junk, the third episode of Lindelof’s misleadingly named Lindelof’s Watchmen sequel raises the bar. Ivan force feeds a bound & gagged Red the original graphic novel so that he’s able to process the full weight and glory of Jean Smart & Regina King’s performances.

Direct download: 2019-11-05_BGaS_Episode_366_WYSBW_Watchmen_1x03.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 3:19pm PST

Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship, the second episode of Lindelof’s misleadingly named Lindelof’s Watchmen sequel is the main event. Ivan continues to cut through The Thin Blue Line and gets Red up to speed on exactly what the fuck Damon is smoking.

Direct download: 2019-10-31_BGaS_Episode_365_WYSBW_Watchmen_1x02.mp3
Category:tv -- posted at: 2:51pm PST

Despite having the same name as the comic book, Damen Lindelof’s Watchmen is a direct sequel to the source material. Confused? Fortunately Ivan has a doctorate in Graphic Novels (NEVER CALL THEM THAT) and Red’s here to stand in for the audience and ask the questions that need to be asked.

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Doug Liman’s foundational deep cover superspy thriller The Bourne Identity has truly been burned when the rights have been sold to the USA Network as Treadstone, and it’s time for Ivan and Red to investigate. They talk Hustlers, Doug Liman’s WILD career, the Disney+ twitter movie dump, and and what it exactly it looks like when a storied secret government program resurfaces on Basic Cable.

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Different Showrunner, different cast, completely different story, same great Terror!  Author Maggie Tokuda-Hall joins Ivan and Red to discuss the second season of the horror drama anthology, AMC’s The Terror Infamy, which moves from 19th ships to World War II era Japanese internment camps in California.

You can Pre-Order Maggie’s upcoming book The Mermaid, the Witch, and the Sea on Indiebound, Books Inc, or Amazon.

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In light of the Phoebe Waller-Bridge vehicle winning Emmys for Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, and pretty much every other award, it was time for Ivan to watch Fleabag. Ivan and Red talk about emotions in comedy, our view of Obama in 2019, and the best new comedy show of the last 10 years.

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There’s no more high of a brow meeting an extremely low brow than Danny McBride’s The Righteous Gemstones. From the creative coven that brought you Eastbound & Down and Vice Principals comes Jesse Gemstone, the best Danny McBride character in years. Ivan and Red talk John Goodman, establishing the higher ground, churches as startups, and the best way to handle a ransom exchange.

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We dip back into Prime Video with Undone. From the creator of Bojack Horseman comes this gorgeous and intense show which may or may not have time travel. Ivan and Red talk rotoscoping, the MCU, unlivable destinations, and the perfect casting of Bob Odenkirk.

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Should you watch Amazon’s Carnival Row? On one hand it’s *the* most promoted show since NBC’s Whitney, on the other hand a gritty reboot of Tinkerbell is a big promise. Ivan and Red talk prestige fantasy, networks scrambling to replace HBO, the necessary amount of force to life a naked man by his extremities, and the intrigue of a man in a bowler

Make sure and check out the Official Carnival Row store and get your t-shirt with a hat on it.

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On Becoming a God in Central Florida is a good ass show and worth seeking out even in this, The Golden Age of Television! Ivan and Red the future of every actor getting their own prestige television show, Central Florida, Multi Level marketing, the transformative nature of tuxedos, and the early 90s as a “period”.

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Perpetual Grace, LTD on *checks notes* Epix is the SECOND great Steven Conrad (creator of Patriot) show we’ve covered and somehow he found an even more obscure platform!!! Ivan and Red talk Jimmi Simpson, Ben Kingsley, completely original accents, and this new future where one prestige drama will be produced per child.

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Swamp Thing on *checks notes* DC Universal dared to ask “what if we rebooted the grossest Super Hero”. Ivan and Red talk a bit more of “The Boys”, alliterative comic book names, and the most disgusting noises you can make for a television show.

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The Boys is an Amazon Prime production that dares to ask what if a television show had a special effects budget fronted by Meg Ryan & Dennis Quaid’s Love Child. Ivan and Red discuss your girl getting smushed, surprising accent choices by Simon Pegg and Karl Urban, and the upsetting removal of The Chrysler Building.

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Years and Years, the HBO/BBC show that asks “what if we made a political Black Mirror show that nobody in the U.S. watched?”. Ivan and Red confront Emma Thompson’s Boris Johnson impression, a future where robot technology has somehow regressed, but creepy snapchat filters have leapt forward.

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HBO’s Los Espookys, a half hour comedy that tests the limits of how high a concept can be. Ivan and Red speak some Spanglish that ranges from fine (Ivan) to terrible (Red) as they discuss Comedy Drummers, boyfriend/brothers, and history's greatest comedic punching bag.

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Doom Patrol, a DC property that nobody’s ever heard of on a platform that is a well kept secret even among those condemned to the chair. Ivan gives Red the inside track on everything DC including the existence of an Elasti-Girl unrelated to The Incredibles.

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Gentleman Jack, HBO’s early 19th century period piece about one of history’s most oppressed L-words: Landlords. Ivan & Red discuss how much they love all the Annes on this show and how much they wish Blake Snyder would stop writing screenwriting books.

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Good Omens, a Prime Video series based off the Terry Pratchet/Neil Gaimon book that Gaiman himself called the truest adaptation of his vision. Ivan & Red discuss this “episode” that would more accurately be called one sixth of a movie.

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Now that the dust has settled, Ivan & Red discuss Game of Thrones’ legacy and ask if Bran the Broken really was the best ruler.

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The Bells, Season 8, Episode 5 of Game of Thrones. Comedian and listener favorite Lydia Popovich joins Ivan & Red to talk an episode which goes full William Tecumseh Sherman.

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The Last of the Starks, Season 8, Episode 4 of Game of Thrones. Author and listener favorite Maggie Tokuda-Hall joins Ivan & Red to discuss an episode which should have been everyone drinking and having a good time, but that was ruined by family infighting at every level.

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A Knight of Seven Kingdoms, Season 8, Episode 2 of Game of Thrones. Ivan & Red were not ready for this beautiful, hour long piece of the finest fan service. Officially the 69th episode, it was the nicest episode yet.

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HBO’s Game of Thrones enters season 8 after being gone a full calendar year and then some. Who’s at The Wall? Who’s in King’s landing? Who’s having sex with their Aunt and/or Nephew. Who’s alive and who was finally cut down by the Stark children with the instrument of their own plotting? Ivan & Red get you up to speed in time for the premiere.

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Reunited after a month, they discuss the newly released tv adaptation of What We Do in the Shadows. Ivan & Red talk Ireland, Taika Waititi, Jemaine Clement, and the rare pitch perfect adaptation to the small screen.

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One of the highest rated new shows of 2019 with the pilot free online on its home network of You Tube Premium, not enough people are talking about Wayne. Ivan & Red talk Slim Jims, Broke Batman, and the greatest villain humankind can imagine: Dennis Duffy.

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A show created by Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler, and Leslye Headland co-starring the hair from Brave? I’m in.  Ivan & Red

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We’ve entered bizarro-world as Red advocates for a comic book adaptation while Ivan shrugs indifferently for Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy. Ivan & Red discuss sibling relations, comic book adaptations, and the brilliance of Ellen Page & Robert Sheehan.

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Better Angels, Season 2 Episode 10, the season (series?!) finalé of Starz’s Counterpart. Ivan & Red discuss Mira's looming threat forging some unlikely alliances AND NOTHING ELSE in the possible FIRST series finale in a show they’ve covered from start to finish.

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You to You, Season 2 Episode 9 THE PENULTIMATE episode of Starz’s Counterpart. Moments after discovering (accepting?) that Counterpart will not be coming back to Starz for a third season, Ivan & Red dive in to another exemplary episode from a show that is hearing some very ominous footsteps coming down the hall.

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In From the Cold, Season 2 Episode 8 of Starz’s Counterpart. Ivan & Red discuss the highest rated show on Feb 3rd and also The Super Bowl.

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No Strings Attached, Season 2 Episode 7 of Starz’s Counterpart. Ivan & Red discuss feedback from a notable listener, and Peter finally gets what he wants–his tapes back.

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Twin Cities, Season 2 Episode 6 of Starz’s Counterpart. Ivan & Red discuss Counterpart getting too popular and the show deciding to make an entire episode with none of its stars. Also: twins!

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A bicycle wheel is also a flat circle as Ivan & Red return to discuss HBO’s True Detective. After an inexplicable choice to strap itself to Vince Vaughan for a season, Mahershala Ali single-handedly rights a series.

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Shadow Puppets, Season 2 Episode 5 of Starz’s Counterpart. Ivan & Red discuss the increasingly poor chances for Clare & Peter’s marriage. Clare has both a daughter and a lover named Spencer, and Peter’s running away from trouble like sweaty brooms thrown down the stairs in this, the hottest episode of television in all of 2019*.

* so far

Direct download: 2018-01-07_BGaS_Episode_326_WYSBW_Counterpart_2x05.mp3
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Point of Departure, Season 2 Episode 4 of Starz’s Counterpart. Ivan & Red, having finished welcoming Remy to Counterpart, say goodbye to Remy. We discuss those who are equally comfortable in any dimension, terrible hidey holes, and whether empathy will save humanity.

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Something Borrowed, Season 2 Episode 3 of Starz’s Counterpart. Ivan & Red welcome back the #1 Italian Androgynous Italian Assassin and welcome an even sweatier, more paranoid, Harry Lloyd.

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Outside In, Season 2 Episode 2 of Starz’s Counterpart. Ivan & Red check in on PRIME WORLD, the only multiverse wholly owned by Jeff Bezos.

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Inside Out, Season 2 Episode 1 of Starz’s Counterpart. Ivan & Red reunite with J.K. Simmons, Olivia Williams, Viserys Targaryen, but NO BALDWIN?!

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The Christmas Prince was such a surprisingly popular episode that Ivan & Red HAD to return for the Royal Wedding. Rose McIver is GREAT and Ben Lamb is also in this.

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Ivan & Red return to the George R.R. Martinverse to watch a NEW television program by the ASOIAF scribe himself, Syfy’s Nightflyers. Technically an adaptation of the universally panned 1987 film, there is, uhm, a LOT about this episode that needs discussing.

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