Boars, Gore, and Swords

Kelly joins Ivan & Red as they set media against media in an effort to determine the supremacy of either the book or the tv version of Railroad's Game of Thrones. WHO IS BETTER? Book Tyrion vs Show Tyrion, Book Daenerys vs Show Daenerys, book food vs show food and more!

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SPECIAL ONE-OFF TV CLUB, Misfits edition. Having suffered a last minute cancellation, Ivan & Red introduce E4's Misfits, a show that can be described as the anti-"Heroes". Ivan and Red cover calling "Hero Academy" "Academy of Heroes" (look Red up on redson3), the Origin of Misfits, Redshirt Gary, American usage of Chav, The Jeremy Pyles Show, parkour, terrible BBC special effects, and more.

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Ivan and Red bring our first book covered to a close, covering pp 772-807 (Jon, Cat, Daenerys). Jon (and Red) get Tarly'd, Jon Snow is slowed down by his brooding, oath-breakin' food, the plural for Pegasus, Robb in the third Person chapters, babies in Plate Mail, Hoster Tully looking like Harrison Ford, Belly Crabs, Kings Clashing, Jorah being honorable for a moment, Mustache rings, aaaaand Dragons.

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I and R cover pp 741-771 (Sansa, Daenerys, Tyrion). They discuss The Darkness, Red conveys a half remembered NPR story about the missing Apollo 11 tapes, Ser Marc Meryn, Joffrey the pick-up artist, Daenerys the Enthusiastic and Determined, Mirri Maz Duur gets real, the biggest beard since Gandalf, and book Tyrion and TV Tyrion become one. Next week we cover THE REST OF THE BOOK AKA pp 772-807 (Jon, Cat, Daenerys).

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