Boars, Gore, and Swords

I Am. As soon as Hippolyta went to work on Hiram’s Orrery, you knew this ep was going to be fire. Ivan & Red talk Afrofuturism, the supernatural, and Hippolyta inevitably taking her natural place as the leader of the gang.

Make sure to check out Red’s new streaming game show, Blabbermouth!

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Meet Me In Daegu. We’ve reached the point in the HBO prestige genre series where we abandon the primary storyline and have a singular episode inside a completely different world. Ivan & Red talk about the things that happen in this good episode of television!

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Strange Case. Much like Tree, The Fun Adventure times are left far behind as we dive deep into then “Gore” element, leaving behind Boars and Swords entirely. Ivan talks Bones, Gore, & Viscera while Red describes the part of the episode he glimpsed through splayed fingers.

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A History of Violence. Only after Holy Ghost could an episode with a severed arm in a door be a reprieve and a fun romp through adventure tropes. Ivan & Red ditch Tree and talk pulpy adventure tropes!

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Holy Ghost. Episode 3 of Lovecraft Country one elevator joins the fight for justice. Ivan & Red hit the road with writer & comic Alexandria Love just in time for the show to go full Re-Animator.

You can find Alexandria Love at or on twitter at @rialoveftw

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