Boars, Gore, and Swords

The long promised competent pilot edition! It's a strange alternate universe where Ivan & Red are familiar with the show being discussed! They can name Maesters! They can name Theons! They can name all 5.5 Stark children! It truly is a brave new world. Also discussed are Django Unchained (no spoilers), Wool by Hugh Howey, and so much more!

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Ivan and Red join together for this cozy Christmas special, the truly excellent 2010 Matt Smith Doctor Who episode "A Christmas Carol". With no guests to impede their internal madness, they cover a real treasure of a Christmas episode.

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This episode it's Please, Please, Don't Kill Me, the Game of Thrones game show featuring favorite Caitlin Gill, Kelly Anneken, and of course Ivan and Red. Adam McLaughlin joins us for the Fake the Listner Challenge, The Sayer of Surveys will make you wonder what the Bannermen were thinking, Pass Phrase will have you snorting whenever "Double Dragon" is mentioned, and thanks to Lightning Round you will never forget Joffrey's last name.

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Which reigns supreme: Railroad's original text or Weiss and Benioff's visually stunning adaptation? Third chair Kelly Anneken joins Ivan and Red as they end any possible debate with their exhaustive comparison! Also hear the newest entry in the Dan Preston Memorial Song Competition (Put 'Em on the Glass), discussion about the Boars, Gore, and Swords wiki, and so much more.

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