Boars, Gore, and Swords

HBO breaks virgin ground with a sitcom that dares to go inside the world of comedy writing: Hacks. Red & Ivan delve into the moviePrestige TV Show based on the life of Joan RiversDeborah Vance and an amalgamation of comics in the LA scene who could really use the workAva!

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Finally HBO made the first ever prestige drama about solving a crime in a small town that has more to it than it seems: Mare of Easttown. Red & Ivan top off their wooter bottles, grab a hoagie at the Wawa, and head to a small post-industrial town outside Philly to rap nostalgic about The Big Game back in high school and generally be dirtbags in the woods. 

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It’s time to travel all the way back to 1991 and discuss Disney’s greatest Superhero film: The Rocketeer. Red’s and Ivan load up Disney+ to discuss Zeppelins, the Avengers of character acting, the most attractive character ever put to film, Timothy Dalton not getting his due, the Art Deco appliance aesthetic, and whether Red could outrun a Zeppelin.

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On the docket: The Full Season of Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Red’s moved out of Pluto’s extremely reverberant cave, Ivan took a break from watching The Rocketeer, and Comedian Alexandria Love re-joins to talk about the Best Bucky and the Top 4 MCU characters to wield the shield. Also they discuss Red’s canonically correct MCU movie rankings!

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