Boars, Gore, and Swords

Ivan and Red enter the world of Dunk and Egg to discuss the first part of The Hedge Knight! This week Ivan and Red discuss spitting words into brain holes, infallibility, "on accident" vs "by accident", another question from Andrea Boettcher via Chuck Klusterman, the correct time to read Dunk & Egg, Ivan's childhood teeth brushing policy, Lady puppeteers, tall drinks of water, more Star Wars prequel talk, ransoming armor, and more more more. Next week we'll cover the rest of The Hedge Knight. "Dunk and Egg" song via Ser Daniel Preston.

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In this, their 80th episode, Ivan & Red discuss the show's origins, which GoT character they would punch in the face, their top 5 albums of all time, whether or not Ivan hooks up with female comics, and so much more! This was a real treat of an episode for us to do, if you have any feedback, hit us up at or on twitter @boarsgoreswords. Next week we start the tales of Dunk and Egg. Join us!

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To coincide with the Golden Globes, Ivan & Red host a podcast of much greater relevance! The boys are joined by Julia Prescott and David Child of the Friday Night Film School podcast to take a look at the 18 movies that Ivan happened to see theatrically in 2012! It's a great cluster of a discussion, so feel free to add your own voice by yelling at us in disagreement in your own car, gym, or workplace!

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is given a thorough going over by Ivan, Red, and returning guest Sean Keane! They discuss Radagast, HFR 3D, cautionary tales of Trick or Treating, the worst Indiana Jones, Riding Miss Daisy, The Hobbit vs. Game of Thrones, prequels of all varities, perfect casting for Bilbo and the Goblin King, and more. Great episode.

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