Boars, Gore, and Swords

Bran I and Davos II are enough to get Ivan and Red through 80 minutes of A Storm of Swordsish discussion. The gents cover ravens from the Bannermen, including improvements to, wolves on a cliff, Nymeria lives?, the turn of the century, Illyrio's presence or lack thereof, magical gingers, and the deep meaning of Patches' Jingle.

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Jon I & Daenerys I in A Storm of Swords are covered at LENGTH after Ivan and Red reach deep into the boiled leather mail sack to respond to many a raven from the Bannermen. We discuss the Zack Snyder directed Superman/Batman crossover flick, Ghost eating Snow to survive, parallels between Wildlings and United States revolutionaries, Mance Rayder and his travels, pitchforks to Pitchfork, AALOEH, and Richard Lonmouth.

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Davos I and Sansa I are all Ivan and Red could make it through in this action packed episode. Get Ivan as the Bassy sensual e-trade baby #BassyBaby, learn the true meaning of sputum, listen to Ivan and Red give Sansa the benefit of the doubt, Davos inventing Men's Rights Activism, and the most important part of being a Douchebag.

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Catelyn I, Arya I, Tyrion I in Storm of Swords is what Ivan and Red have on offer. Catelyn's death countdown is upon us as we contemplate what kind of sharp item will be used in her demise, Hot Pie works out some bits for the Benny Hill show, and our Tyrion jokes are a bit on the nose.

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