Boars, Gore, and Swords

What if HBO made a Sherlock series and half the world didn’t notice? Ivan & Red look into the HBO Asia production, Miss Sherlock. Available through HBO Now/Go, this Japanese production is a must watch for Sherlock fans.

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Ivan & Red continue their deep dive into the Amazon content factory. Maya Rudolph & Fred Armisen joined forces with former Parks & Rec writers to form a high concept Relamedy (relationship/drama/comedy) and that project is Amazon’s Forever.

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Action’s most generic beta-male has found a new platform as an Amazon dot com prestige tv show, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. Ivan & Red talk the comments, Bunk, a thousand 9/11’s, Blake Snyder’s new screenwriting book, and “Call From The Jet”.

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Ivan & Red both love Ron Perlman, Garret Dillahunt, and prestige streaming so what could go wrong when a listener suggests they watch Amazon’s Hand of God?! A lot of things, dear listener.

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