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Writer, Comic, and podcast guest extraordinaire Alexandria Love was in the Amazon with my mom when she was researching spiders right before she died AND is here to talk Madame Web with Red & Ivan. Dakota Johnson, Isabela Merced, Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O’Connor AND Adam Scott as an Uncle named Ben? What could go wrong!!

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Spider-Man has truly reached its Boho Days and gone all in on cross rights nostalgia that dates back a whole two decades. Ivan & Red pull on discarded Goblin masks and dive in to find out if they exist in the multiverse where Spider-Man: No Way Home is a good movie.

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Tonight Show writer Alexandria Love joins Red & Ivan to discuss the first ever MCU movie about a character who died on alien planet several years ago, the MCU’s Black Widow. We discuss this bizarre midquel (prequel in the middle of a series), Russian pull string toys, controversial music drops, and the best place to point a gun (NOT at the barrel of your adversary’s gun).

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It’s time to travel all the way back to 1991 and discuss Disney’s greatest Superhero film: The Rocketeer. Red’s and Ivan load up Disney+ to discuss Zeppelins, the Avengers of character acting, the most attractive character ever put to film, Timothy Dalton not getting his due, the Art Deco appliance aesthetic, and whether Red could outrun a Zeppelin.

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Per Bannerman request, the lads cover the first Christmas movie involving Emilia Clarke, Paul Feig’s Last Christmas. A movie somehow with writing credits from Michael George (yes that one!) and Emma Thompson Red and Ivan get into the Christmas spirit to varying degrees, and watch an incredible cast try and assemble a movie from wildly disparate parts.

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Hamilton, the musical sensation of the millennia featuring countless flawless performances and also Lin-Manuel Miranda. Ivan & Red fire up the ol’ Disney+ and talk one corny (and great!) hip-hop musical.

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Molly Sanchez (Red All Over podcast, Shipwreck SF, new BGaS favorite) joins Ivan & Red for a timely discussion of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Bannermen, this is a hot one.

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Author and BGaS favorite Maggie Tokuda-Hall joins Ivan & Red on launch day of her debut novel. They talk Daryl Hannah, the myth of “Racquetball”, Mermaids, and an extremely unsettling CGI Butt.

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We take a listener request and celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Disney’s Mulan, which Red had not seen until a month ago. Ivan & Red discuss Great Walls, the sage and humble brilliance of the rich & powerful, and dating advice from Speed 2.

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If you don’t think we love our patrons, you’re incorrect. You’ve asked, and Ivan & Red were prepared to Jump into a full episode on Steven Spielberg’s opus of self-abuse based on the Ernest Cline novel, Ready Player One.

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Marvel’s Black Panther is out and it’s time to see what Ivan thinks and if his friendship with Red will survive.

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