Boars, Gore, and Swords

Lamentis. Disney+ tried to ditch the most successful buddy pairing in MCU history and it’s certainly noticeable on this week’s Loki. Red & Ivan talk about this episode which drops us in the middle of things and leaves us in the middle of things as they try to find a cell phone charger so they can call a Time Uber.

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The Variant. We’re back with the impossibly entertaining Owen Wilson and company for Disney+’s Loki. Red & Ivan talk Jet Ski Uncles, the Renaissance Faire Cinematic Universe, WALL-E cops, and their inevitable livestream'd death in a climate catastrophe.

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Disney+ goes all in on time travel and  mustaches and Red could not be happier with MCU’s Loki. & Ivan struggles to deal with the reality that Red enjoys an MCU property more than he does. They talk cosmic paperweights, Douglas Adams, Glorious Purpose, and the integration of the 2006 Adam Sandler film Click into the MCU.

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