Boars, Gore, and Swords

See How They Fly, episode 9, the finale of Lindelof’s misleadingly named Watchmen brings the season (series?!) to a close. Ivan & Red come to VASTLY different conclusions about the end of the series.

Special episode theme: “Lube Man”, by Daniel Preston

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A God Walks into Abar, episode 8 of Lindelof’s misleadingly named Watchmen answers a  few questions and asks a whole lot more. Ivan & Red talk to ivan & red in the past where we suggest we start a Game of Thrones podcast.

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An Almost Religious Awe, episode 7 of Lindelof’s misleadingly named Watchmen sequel is the episode AFTER one of the greatest episodes of television in the past decade. Ivan & Red take you through this episode that manages to have a few enormous twists of its own.

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