Boars, Gore, and Swords

By popular demand Sick Red is back along with Ivan Hernandez to close out the Dunk and Egg stories by discussing ancient word processors, medieval surgery, popery, Ser Uthor's snail and truth in advershielding laws, the inside of Dunk's head, treachery!!!, a slight variation on mendelian genetics, forearms, and privy shafts. BGS theme via Lord Daniel Preston.

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Ivan Hernandez and Sick Red come to you from the ledge between death and life to discuss The Mystery Knight! They discuss Red's tweet process, the upcoming podcast recording 3/31 at Stage Werx, physics with bannerman Ryan Johnson, boot talk with Egg, the origin of the phrase dog pile, goth Christina Hendricks, and wedding pie. "Dunk and Egg" song via Ser Daniel Preston.

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Placebo ridden Red Scott and soon to be ill Ivan Hernandez wrap up The Sworn Sword before moving on to The Mystery Knight next week and inch ever closer to the Game of Thrones Season 3 Premiere March 31st! Check out Nicole's amazing fan art! "Dunk and Egg" song via Ser Daniel Preston.

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Sworn Sword Part II with Ivan and Red heading across the river to meet Lucas the Angry Longinch, the Red Widow, and Ser Sefton the Flatulent. On the way to the spider, they cover the social service Vine, Siri reviews, Ser Bennis's grossness, The Red Widow's Plan C birth control, Beard and Beardless, Ogre & Donkey, and more! "Dunk and Egg" song via Ser Daniel Preston.

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